How to Invest in the MarketCash Hold System!

After a long period of time developing the platform, the long awaited moment arrived. In this article/tutorial I will show you how to invest in the platform.

When access to the platform is released, you will be able to perform the procedures taught here.


1. Go to the platform and log in to your account.

2. After login, you should arrive on the dashboard.

3. Now click on WALLET and the following screen will appear:

4. In the Invest MarketCash box is the place where we will make the application, you can choose how long you want to keep the balance applied.

The minimum to apply is 10 thousand MKT, there is also a maximum limit for each period, being 1 month, the maximum limit of 10 thousand MKT.

5. After you click INVEST NOW, you receive the following message:

The value applied will be validated within 2 minutes, after validation this value will appear in Amount Invested.

Now that your MKT application has been verified and validated, all you have to do is wait for the proceeds to start credited to your account.

The proceeds will be credited every day, the platform will calculate the balance received from the network at the end of the day, after knowing how much received will be made the division for the members with balance invested in the platform.

Everything was done thinking of the simplicity so that anyone can use the platform, we hope to surprise the expectation of all!